Paper based simulation to explain blogging.

Blogging can be a very useful tool in the classroom for getting learners to express themselves, share ideas, offer each other feedback and reflect on their experiences.

Subjects where learners keep a work-journal of some description (while working on a major project for example) can find blogs particularly valuable – not least because the date-stamping of posts discourages learners from whipping up 12 weeks worth of project reflection on the morning that it falls due. 🙂

What happens though when your learners aren’t that tech savvy? How do you get the underlying principles of what blogging is and why you do it when it takes half the session to get everyone online in the first place?

Easy – do it all on paper.

This activity (which has a number of game-like elements even if it isn’t strictly a game) was devised by the Flexible Learning Solutions (FLS) team at the Canberra Institute of Technology and it offers an enjoyable, low-tech introduction to blogging.

Leonard Low from the FLS team explains it in detail on his highly regarded Mobile Learning blog here.

A great part is that instead of a whole computer lab, all you need is:


  • A5 sheets of Paper – one per participant, and preferably in many colours
  • Writing implements – lots of colours of ballpoint pens and/or colourful textas
  • Post-It Notes – I use 47.6 x 73mm ones. If you can find some colourful ones around this size, so much the better. 🙂

(image from frozenchipmunk on Flickr)

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